Nano Biomedicine Vol.7 No.1
ISSN 1883-5198

11th Annual Meeting of Nano Biomedical Society (pdf:624KB)

    Preliminary Experimental Study by the Cell Differentiation and a Cell Viability on the Cell Culture Environment with the Linear Structures of Nylon Fiber Bundles
    Koichi IMAI et al.

    Biological Response to Nanostructure of Carbon Nanotube/titanium Composite Surfaces
    Erika NISHIDA et al.

    Tissue Affinity and Bioabsorption to Fine Calcium Carbonate Particles
    Tetsunari NISHIKAWA et al.

    Embryotoxic Potential of the Nanomaterials and Biomaterials by Improvement of Embryonic Stem Cell Test (EST)
    Koichi IMAI

Program of the 10th Annual Meeting of the Nano Biomedical Society (pdf:44KB)

Contribution to "Nano Biomedicine"
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