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Nano Biomedicine Vol.1 No.1 (2009.6.30)   Nano Biomedicine Vol.1 No.2 (2009.12.30)

Nano Biomedicine Vol.2 No.1 (2010.6.30)   Nano Biomedicine Vol.2 No.2 (2010.12.30)

Nano Biomedicine Vol.3 (Special Issue, 2011.6.30)

Nano Biomedicine Vol.3 No.1 (2011.6.30)   Nano Biomedicine Vol.3 No.2 (2011.12.30)

Nano Biomedicine Vol.4 No.1 (2012.6.30)   Nano Biomedicine Vol.4 No.2 (2012.12.30)

Nano Biomedicine Vol.5 No.1 (2013.6.30)   Nano Biomedicine Vol.5 No.2 (2013.12.30)

Nano Biomedicine Vol.6 No.1 (2014.6.30)   Nano Biomedicine Vol.6 No.2 (2014.12.30)

Nano Biomedicine Vol.7 No.1 (2015.6.30)   Nano Biomedicine Vol.7 No.2 (2015.12.30)

Nano Biomedicine Vol.8 No.1 (2016.6.30)   Nano Biomedicine Vol.8 No.2 (2016.12.30)

Nano Biomedicine Vol.9 No.1 (2017.6.30)   Nano Biomedicine Vol.9 No.2 (2017.12.30)


The first publication of this English journal should not only necessarily aim at the "Impact Factor" but also the "Rapid Publication System" is valued. Sending information on Japan or Asia to which a new idea and the technology are presented earliest in the worlds is the most important purpose. This journal publication to offer the world Nano's related information by using a strict referee system is a significance of existence of this academic society. Your contribution will be welcomed very much if you expect early publication by your data.

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