Nano Biomedicine Vol.9 No.2
ISSN 1883-5198

The 13th Annual Meeting of the Nano Biomedical Society
------ 49

    Autonomic Nerve Reaction by Taste Stimulus of the Recognition Threshold Density
    Yoshiaki ONO et al.
    ------ 50-54

    >Study of ES Cell Differentiation using Three-dimensional Culture with Silica Fiber
    Koichi IMAI et al.
    ------ 55-60

    Effect of Metal Nanoparticles on Biofilm formation of Streptococcus mutans
    Masanori HASHIMOTO et al.
    ------ 61-68

    Bone Induction by α-tricalcium Phosphate Microparticle Emulsion Containing Simvastatin
    Akito TATEYAMA et al.
    ------ 69-76

    Inhibitory Effect of Platinum Nanoparticles on Biofilm Formation of Oral Bacteria
    Masanori HASHIMOTO et al.
    ------ 77-82

    Characterization of the Mechanism by Which Papain Suppresses Tooth Discoloration
    Yoshihiro YOSHIKAWA et al.
    ------ 83-88

    Mutagenicity of Titanium Grinding Powder Corroded with Hydrofluoric Acid using Umu-test
    Hideo SHIMIZU et al.
    ------ 89-93

    X-ray and Carbon Ion Beam Irradiation Inhibited Angiogenesis via Integrin Up-regulation
    Kazumasa MINAMI et al.
    ------ 94-104

    Montipora digitata Exoskeleton Derived Aragonite Particles are Useful Scaffold for Tissue-engineered Vascular Graft in Vitro
    Tomoharu OKAMURA et al.
    ------ 105-111

    Estimation of Controlled Drug-release Behavior of Nano-porous Silica Micro Particles and Their Biocompatibility
    Eri SEITOKU et al.
    ------ 112-116

    Official Homepage of the Nano Biomedical Society
    ------ 117