Nano Biomedicine Vol.11 No.2
ISSN 1883-5198

The Double-edged Effect of Silver Nanoparticles is Determined by Their Physical Characteristics
Alaa FEHAID et al.
------ 49-56

Morphology and Fluorescence of Y2O3:Eu3+ Nanophosphors and Dispersibility in Adhesives Resins
Shuichi YAMAGATA et al.
------ 57-64

Comparison of ES-D3 Cell Differentiation by Three-dimensional Culture using Collagen and Glass Fibers by Exposure to Fine Powder of Tungsten Carbide Bar and Diamond Points
Koichi IMAI et al.
------ 65-70

The Change of Plasma Potassium Level in Hemodialysis is a Strong Predictor for High Risk Premature Ventricular Contraction
Nanami KIDA et al.
------ 71-78

Oxidative Stress and Cell Viability of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles in Three-dimensional Culture using Collagen with Tilapia Scales
Tsubasa SHIRAI et al.
------ 79-83

History of the Nano Biomedical Society
------ 84-88

14th Annual Meeting of the Nano Biomedical Society
------ 89-90

Program of the 14th Annual Meeting of the Nano Biomedical Society
------ 91-94

Contribution to "Nano Biomedicine"
------ 95