Nano Biomedicine

Oxidative Stress and Cell Viability of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles in Three-dimensional Culture using Collagen with Tilapia Scales

Tsubasa SHIRAI1, Yoshiya HASHIMOTO1, Kousuke KASHIWAGI2, and Koichi IMAI 3, 4

1Department of Biomaterials, 2Department of Fixed Prosthodontics and Occlusion,
3Department Tissue Engineering, School of Dentistry,
4School of Health Sciences, Osaka Dental University, Osaka, Japan

Nano Biomed 2019; 11(2): 79-83, (Dec 30, Nano Biomedicine)

Although nano-sized titanium dioxide is used in many quasi-drugs, its biological safety remains unclear. To examine the effects of nano-sized titanium dioxide on cell viability, we examined it, cell membrane damage, and oxidative stress by three-dimensional culture with tilapia scale collagen. The cell viability was significantly reduced with a stock solution, as demonstrated by the MTT method. In addition, a large amount of the oxidative stress marker 8-OHdG was observed. All of the endpoints gradually became closer to those of the control group at a higher dilution rate of the test solution. These results were consistent with those obtained from the conventional three-dimensional culture with swine collagen, demonstrating the feasibility of the three-dimensional culture with tilapia scale collagen.

Key words: nano-sized titanium dioxide, cell viability, oxidative stress, tilapia scale collagen, 8-OHdG

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