Nano Biomedicine Vol.6 No.1
ISSN 1883-5198

    The Effect of Carbon Ion Beam Irradiation for Hypoxia-Mediated Invasion of Glioblastoma
    Kazumasa MINAMI et al.

    Effects of Moxibustion on Body Core Temperature Responses in Rats
    Yoshihisa KOJIMA et al.

    Construction of Three Dimensional Tissues of Osteosarcoma MG63 Cells Using a Rotating Wall Vessel Bioreactor and the Dose-Dependent Effect of Doxorubicin
    Toshimasa UEMURA

    Influence of MWCNTs to Myocardial Contraction Rhythms on Differentiation of ES-D3 Cells in Three-dimensional Culture
    Koichi IMAI et al.

    Silver Nanoparticle Cytotoxicity and Antidote Proteins against Silver Toxicity in Paramecium
    Taiki ABE et al.

    Simple and Rapid Conductive Preparation of Wet Biological Samples for SEM Observation: Use of an Asymmetrical Choline-like Room Temperature Ionic Liquid as a Visualizing Agent
    Shigeaki ABE et al.

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