Nano Biomedicine Vol.4 No.1
ISSN 1883-5198

    Mineralization by Acrylic Resin Containing Portland Cement Powder for Long-term Water Storage Analyzed by SEM, XPS and XRD
    Masanori HASHIMOTO et al.

    Introduction of Rare-Earth-Element-Containing ZnO Nanoparticles into Orthodontic Adhesives
    Shuichi YAMAGATA et al.

    Conductivity Preparation by Choline Lactate Ethanol Solution for SEM Observation: Both Hard and Soft Tissues in Living Matter
    Shigeaki ABE et al.

    Koichi IMAI et al.

    Shigeaki ABE et al.

    Mai MORIKAWA et al.
    Guided Bone Regeneration: Membrane Characteristics and Future Perspectives
    Kanako NORITAKE et al. ------42-46

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