Nano Biomedicine

Conductivity Preparation by Choline Lactate Ethanol Solution for SEM Observation: Both Hard and Soft Tissues in Living Matter

Shigeaki ABE1, Atsushi HYONO2, Yuri MACHIDA3, Fumio WATARI1, and Tetsu YONEZAWA2

1Department of Biomedical Materials and Engineering, Graduate School of Dental Medicine,
2Department of Material Science and Engineering, Faculty of Engineering,
3School of Dental Medicine, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan.

Nano Biomedicine 2012;4(1):18-23, (Jun 30)

In this study, we investigated a conductivity preparation for scanning electron microscope (SEM) observation that uses a solution containing the room temperature ionic liquid (RTIL) choline lactate, which is a natural product-based tertaammonium salt. By only immersion in the choline solution, clear SEM images of biological matter were successfully observed. In addition, we also succeeded in applying the RTIL preparation to energy-dispersed fluorescent X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) and elemental distribution mapping (SEM-EDS). This is the first time that RTIL preparation has been applied to SEM-EDS measurement instead of conventional pretreatment such as carbon sputtering. These results suggested that simple and rapid conductivity preparation using the RTIL solution can be widely applied not only SEM observation but also to SEM-EDS of a variety of living mater.

Key words: room temperature ionic liquid, choline lactate, SEM, onductivity preparation, living matter

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