Nano Biomedicine ("contribution" and "off-print" cost: 2019->)

1.Basic charge
--- After printing (1-6 pages)
--- 26,700(Japanese yen) or 330 US Dollars
2.Additional charge
1)Every 2 pages (After printing)
--- 6,200(JPY), 80(US$)
2)Photograph (monochrome, one sheet)
--- 2,900(JPY), 38(US$)
3)Photograph (color, one page)
--- 40,000(JPY), 480(US$)
--- *In addition, a required cost price may be charged.
3.Off-print (Including domestic postage, minimum number: 50)
1)In the case of color page content
--- 50 (16,000JPY, 180US$)
2)Only monochome pages
--- 50 (13,800JPY, 150US$)
4.Electric journal
The following expense is added since Vol.3, No.2.
--- 5,000(JPY), 50(US$)
In order to put into "J-Stage 3" and "PubMed central", the authors pay a part of expense which changes
all the contents of the paper into an XML system.

If re-making is required at the time of author proofreading, 10,000 to 20,000 yen will be charged separately.