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Biological reactions of nano/micro materials are discussed. Nanomaterials are biointeractive in the sense that their size and existence themselves possess the nature to induce the bioreaction to cells and tissue. They are also bioreactive, since they induce the intrinsic functions of biological organism in a generalized sense of both merit (bioactive) and demerit (toxic) for human beings. The bilateral nature of the potentiality for both high functional performance (nanotechnology) and unintentionally occurring biohazard (nanotoxicology) is the essential properties of nano/micro materials. Physical particle size and shape effect occurs nonspecifically in any materials and it is irrelevant to the specific surface area effect. The effect appears more clearly and purely in the bioactive and bioinert materials which are very little affected by chemical dissolution effects. The cell-stimulative and tissue-inflammatory nature of particles in the micro/nano range originates in the biological interaction process between particles and cells/tissue, which depends on their relative size relationship. Nanomaterials show the biointeactive and bioreactive nature in the sense that their size and existence themselves induce the intrinsic reac-tion of cells and tissue. They have the bilateral nature with both possibilities of high functions and risks. It is the essential basis for the proper understanding of nanosizing effect and for the development of biomedical applications of nanotechnology.
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